Five Questions With... Mr Wightman


Sixth Form Open Evening - 14 October 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm

Rob    Five Questions With... Mr Wightman - Year 12 Tutor and Head of Spanish   


1.  Why do you like being a Tutor in Sixth Form? 

Every phase of a student’s education is crucial, but for me personally there is a special sense of vitality in the Sixth Form, coupled with a sense of expectancy as Year 12 and 13 prepare for life beyond Charters. I enjoy being part of that journey, helping to guide students through the range of options they have for further study and the world of work.

   2. How does Charters Sixth Form ensure that students get off to a great start? 

Through openness, communication and organisation. By openness, I mean by being honest enough to say that at times it will be really hard work and that very high standards are expected, in terms of behaviour and attitude to learning. Communication: most students soon realise, with the help of all the staff who support them, that keeping in touch with teachers and letting them know if there are problems helps allay any fears and build positive relationships from the outset. And organisation is absolutely key for a successful start and successful outcomes: The Sixth Form team can always help here too. 

 3.  In your opinion, is it easy for students to make friends? 

Definitely. Students who have come through the KS3 and 4 at Charters are always very welcoming to those who come from elsewhere. Most students find they study in close-knit groups and enjoy getting to know each other while also collaborating on projects and other work

4. How do we support students with UCAS applications? 

We give advice that is honest, impartial and tailored to the individual, so that each student receives appropriate support. I particularly enjoy discussing students’ personal statements with them, as this helps me get to know them better and it is an area where I feel my advice and experience are particularly valuable. That said, if applying to university is not for you, we will help you look at other options, including apprenticeships. 

5. What one thing stands out for you in your time as a teacher here? 

Probably the range of different people and different experiences I have encountered. The truly outstanding experiences come from the great groups of students I see through my teaching and tutor group. They all seem to go on to do great things and it’s really gratifying to think that I may have played a role in their development success.