Student Voice

At Charters, we understand the importance of empowering our students to share their views, opinions and feedback.  We provide an opportunity for discussion on issues through our Senior Student Leadership Team, Year Group Councils, the School Council, and our Student Focus Groups.  Student voice provides our students with an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas on new initiatives, areas for school development and issues which affect them daily, providing feedback and information on school life from the perspective of the students.  Councils and Focus Groups are led by our Senior Student Form Leadership Team supported by members of staff.


The Senior Student Leadership Team, consisting of our three Senior Students supported by Welfare, Curriculum and Community teams, is appointed after a rigorous application and interview process. They are responsible for representing the student body, working closely across all year groups and with the senior leadership team to ensure that the school continues to develop and grow.


Led by our Heads of Year, council members are elected by their peers in elections conducted at the start of each term.  The role of the tutor group representatives is to consult with their peers on the agenda items published by the Senior Student Leadership Team, and then report back to their Year Group Councils. 


Led by our Senior Student Leadership Team and Deputy Headteacher, council members are from each Year Group Council.  Feedback and suggested actions from the School Council is presented to the Senior Leadership Team and back to the students via the Senior Students  Leadership Team.


Led by members of our Senior Student Leadership Team and interested students from the main school.  Focus groups will vary and change but look to consider the views and opinions of our students on a range of topics, generating ideas or areas for further development.   Focus groups may include topics such as the environment, diversity and student wellbeing.  Our Focus groups feed back to our Senior Student Leadership Team.