Charters 7


  • CHALLENGE - Having high expectations of the standards all students should reach, with learning objectives that explore all possible opportunities for taking a more challenging path.
  • EXPLANATION - Enabling students to develop their knowledge and understanding of concepts, skills and processes as well as the ability to apply their learning to a range of situations.
  • MODELLING - Making implicit decision-making explicit, by showing students how to do things, highlighting key procedures and the thinking that underpins them.
  • QUESTIONING - Asking questions that check for learning in such a way that it allows for a capacity to adjust explanations and tasks according to how well students are doing in making sense of the material.
  • PRACTISE - Providing students with the opportunity to improve their confidence and fluency with a wide range of skills and knowledge so as to eventually become more independent in their learning.
  • FEEDBACK - Providing regular, targeted feedback that helps all students to move forward, deepening their understanding or gaining fluency.
  • REVIEW - Allowing for the opportunity to review what students learn to build long-term memory and a higher level of fluency recall.

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