Potential High Achievers

Potential High Achievers (PHA) at Charters School will pursue academic excellence across the curriculum. They will be curious, critical and analytical in their approach and will regularly seek to go beyond the core learning achieved during lesson time. They will be inspired to undertake their own research and read widely, challenging themselves to develop new skills. They will make links within and across the curriculum and are likely to pursue a hobby or hobbies to a high degree of expertise.

This means:

  • They will be able to self-regulate and self-direct their own learning to a significant degree, identifying areas of weakness and implementing strategies to rectify this, developing learning techniques such as research and extended writing skills to allow them to explore topics in greater depth.
  • They will be able to clearly articulate considered opinions on a range of academic topics and engage in lively, thoughtful academic debate.
  • They will appreciate the opinions of others, adopting a mature and empathetic approach to their work with others
  • They will regularly pursue their own learning for learning’s sake, without the need for close teacher-direction.

At Charters School, we believe that meeting the needs of our more able students is an important part of the school’s curriculum provision. Our more able students are referred to as our ‘Potential High Achievers’ (PHA). Through our PHA and Subject Specialists programmes we aim to support these students to achieve their full potential.

Students are identified as Potential High Achievers in Year 7 based upon their KS2 grades and a cognitive test, called CAT. The Potential High Achievers Group is then reformulated in Year 10, using progress report data and other assessment tools. At KS5 students apply to be part of the PHA group and are those considering application to the top universities.

Students who are identified as PHA will be offered further opportunities to extend their knowledge and are able to participate in the Foundation Project Qualification, Higher Project Qualification and Extended Project Qualification.

During lessons, teachers stretch and challenge the students through their learning. Outside of lesson time, these students benefit from a range of extra-curricular activities such as masterclasses, workshops, and university visits.


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