Advice From Me to You

It can seem daunting when you begin your A Levels, but hearing from students who have already made the transition may help you realise that you are not on your own. 

Students who have been in your shoes have taken the time to record what they wish they could tell their 16-year-old selves as they began Year 12. 


Advice to Yr 12 (3)

Lauren said, "Make sure you are keeping on top of your studies, but also know its ok to have fun and if your day doesn't go as expected in your plan - tomorrow is a new day!"

Subjects - Psychology, Photography, Philosophy & Ethics


Advice to Yr 12 (2)

Mia said, "Have a go at anything as in the long run nothing will be a waste of time. It’ll all give you amazing experiences and help you be more involved with others in your year group."

Subjects -  Biology, Chemistry, Further Maths, Maths


Advice to Yr 12

Harry said, "Make sure that your subject choices are the right choices and that you will enjoy studying them."

Subjects - DT Product Design, Further Maths, Maths, Physics


Advice to Yr 12 (5)

Sam said, "Make sure you balance social life and school. Too much of either will not help (and by the end of Year 13, you will wish you had done more of the one you neglected)."

Subjects - Economics, Geography. Maths


Advice to Yr 12 (4)

Diana said, "If you're planning to do Medicine, apply to do volunteering at a care home, or a hospital, (preferably a hospital)."

Subjects - Biology, Chemistry, Psychology


Advice to Yr 12 (9)

Sofia said, "Make your revision notes as soon as you finish a topic. It will give you a lot more time in Year 13 to actually revise, rather than waste time making revision material."

Subjects - English Language and Literature, Business Studies, Film Studies


Advice to Yr 12 (7)

Tapiwa said, "Use your time wisely but also enjoy Sixth Form and don’t be afraid to ask for help, even when other people aren’t. Listen to your gut, even when others say it’s easy, if it’s not easy, ask for help."

Subjects - Business Studies, Media Studies, Sociology


Advice to Yr 12 (8)

Joe said, "Do revision throughout the year and always stay on top of your work."

Subjects - BTEC Sport, Business Studies, Psychology


Advice to Yr 12 (10)

John said, "Don't waste your free periods - they seem like fun at first, but if you just work in your frees then you won't have as much to do at home, meaning more spare time to do things you enjoy."

Subjects - Economics, Maths, Physics


Advice to Yr 12 (11)

Nicholas said, "Don't stress too much about the difficulty spike from Year 11 to Year 12. If you leave some time for revision every now and again as you build up towards exams and use your time in school to get any work done, you will do just fine during your time in Sixth Form."

Subjects - Chemistry, Further Maths, Maths