Charters 159

Curriculum Overview


Through our core values of Unity Respect Excellence we aim to ensure that our students will be well-rounded intellectually, socially, and emotionally.  They will be equipped with the skills and knowledge for life, work, and learning – literacy, numeracy, communication, creativity, and aesthetic appreciation – in order to be able to flourish within our community and beyond. ​ 

This means: ​ 

  • UNITY - Creating structures and spaces that allow relationships to thrive​ 

  • RESPECT - Developing individuals who are empathetic and articulate, confident, and resilient
  • EXCELLENCE - Ensuring academic challenge, support, and a love of learning​ and cultivating the appreciation of human endeavour and achievement​
  • Commit
  • Connect
  • Communicate

"We support each other to become the best we can."

  • Yourself
  • Your School
  • Your Community
"We show respect to each other and the environment.  We listen, cooperate and learn."
  • Make
  • It
  • Matter
"We work to the best of our ability at all times.  Don't miss out - every second counts."