Charters School Library aims to nurture a love of reading, contribute to Learning and Teaching and the pastoral development and wellbeing of students across the whole school; allowing them every opportunity to be the very best version of themselves.

Library book

The Library is a valuable learning resource and aims to provide a safe, purposeful and productive environment in which students can engage in quiet reading, grow knowledge and develop skills through guided and independent study, activities and events.

The Library is available for students to visit:

  • From 8.15 am before school daily
  • Between 1.30 pm-2.00 pm daily subject to availability and capacity guidelines
  • Until 4.15 pm after school Monday-Thursday

During the second break, the Library is one of our most vibrant areas and there are regularly over 70 students reading, working, helping the Librarian or enjoying Book Club.  It has such a fantastic atmosphere and it's always lovely to see students enjoying the space.

When enjoying The Library students can:

  • Borrow and return books*
  • Read or work quietly
  • Find in-house and online resources to help with their studies
  • Participate in activities and events organised and promoted by The Library Team

*Students are invited to borrow up to three books for periods identified by the return date stamped inside, in accordance with the 'no censorship' approach detailed in our letter to parents.  It is each student's responsibility to renew, return or replace lost books in good time.


Our Library has copies of the books included in the Berkshire Book Award long lists for 2023, which are sure to appeal to our students.

The Berkshire Children’s Book Award was launched in 2004 and includes the best, recently published books written for young people.  The Award is the first of its kind in Berkshire and differs from similar award schemes by enabling young people to both nominate the titles and select the winner.


Mrs Olding has a wonderful team of students from all year groups to help run the Library. Sixth formers help during the school day, others help before or after school, and most help during second break.

Anyone interested in joining the Library Team, to simply be a part of it, volunteering as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, or as a Sixth Form Learning Leader should, should either email Mrs Olding, or pop into the Library to chat with her.