Regular Donations


Charters School Charity Number - EW10993

Our Fund the Future scheme is the backbone of our School fundraising and it is a regular monthly giving scheme for donations of any size. Regular donations make a lasting impact on our School and our students, and allows us to focus is on the short-term urgent needs of the School. In the past we have raised enough funds to replace three of our minibuses and last year we focused on our outside spaces, building two new all-weather shelters so that our students could enjoy the school site throughout the year. 

If you are able to support the school by making a regular financial contribution it would be much appreciated and will directly benefit the students. Any contribution is entirely voluntary, and even £5 per month from those who can afford it, would make a huge difference.

By donating through our CAF Donate page we are able to gain an additional 25% from donors who are UK tax payers, so please do remember to tick the box as you make your donation. 

Gift aid infographic


If 300 families donated £5 a month, we could raise £18,000 (with Gift Aid) in one year.  

If 300 families continued to donate £5 per month throughout the seven years that their child attended Charters School, it would raise an astonishing £126,000.


We also have a Unity Fund and all donations raised here are used as a discretionary source of financial assistance for our disadvantaged students. The fund aims to support students whose families may be experiencing financial difficulties.

Full details regarding the Unity Fund and an application form to request funding can be viewed here.


The two branches of regular giving allow our community to support both the school's facilities and also our students.

You can begin a regular donation to either our Fund the Future or Unity Fund by clicking on the buttons below.



Thank you for your support.