Charters School will be 70 years old in 2028 and whilst we are proud of our history and reputation as an exceptional School offering a rich and diverse education to our students, we continually look towards the future.

We provide an education for each and every student which is unparalleled in breadth and quality of opportunity, but in order to maintain this we need facilities to match our vision. Similar to most state schools we have funding for our core purpose but there is little remaining to enhance or improve school facilities or to support those families who may need a little extra help.


As an Academy our annual operating costs are funded through central government and this covers our core purpose, but if we want to invest in our buildings and technology, or to continue to enrich the curriculum, we have to look for additional outside sources to help, either through grants or our community for regular or one-off gifts.

Fundraising enables us to make improvements to our School, and provide opportunities for our students, that would not be possible otherwise.


There are a number of fundraising channels for Charters School including those listed below. If you are a parent/carer who would like to make a regular donation to school funds, a member of the local community who would like to help at one of our fundraising events, or a business that would like to sponsor a team or event at our school, please find out more below.

Should you require further information, please contact our Marketing Team who will be happy to help.

The Conditions Improvement Fund

All academy schools are entitled to apply for this Government Fund once a year. Money from this Fund tends to be allocated for projects which have a Health & Safety or Capacity issue. For example, our new windows were funded by a successful bid to CIF.

Capital Campaigns

These fund major building work or refurbishments and are ‘one-off’ targeted Campaigns for a specific large-scale development. An example of a successful Capital Campaign is the refurbishment of the Science Lecture Theatre which was made possible due to a grant from The Wolfson Foundation in 2018. We tend to run a major Capital Campaign once every 4 – 5 years depending on the needs of the School.

Regular Giving/Fund the Future

Our Fund the Future scheme is the backbone of our School fundraising and it is a regular monthly giving scheme for donations of any size (although one-off donations are very welcome too!). Regular donations make a lasting impact on our School and our students, whether it is £5, £20, or £100 a month. The focus is on the short-term urgent needs of the School. Last year we raised enough funds to replace three of our minibuses and this year (2021/22) we are focusing on our outside spaces. We want to erect a permanent canopy which will enable our students to access shelter during break times and provide an additional venue for outside performances.

If you are able to support the school by making a regular financial contribution it would be much appreciated and will directly benefit the students. Any contribution is entirely voluntary, even £5 per month from those who can afford it, would make a huge difference.

By donating through our CAF Donate page we are able to gain an additional 25% from donors who are UK tax payers, so please do remember to tick the box as you make your donation. 

Gift aid infographic

We need to raise £22,500 in pledged funds this year and our ambition is for every parent to give as little or as much as they can afford.

We also have a Disadvantaged Fund which is for students whose families are unable to financially support essential school visits and other opportunities. The two branches of regular giving allow our community to support both facilities and specific students.

Charters Community Association

This is a group of hard-working and passionate parents who help to plan and run social events to raise money for specific items. Most recently, they helped raise over £9,000 at our 2019 Christmas Fair and the funds have been allocated to the Main Hall project; work will begin on this in the summer of 2021.

Legacy Giving

Leaving a legacy to Charters School is one of the most significant ways to leave a lasting impact for the education of future generations of students. A legacy gift creates a lasting testimony of a connection with the School and allows you to support the school financially in a way that you might not otherwise have been able to do. We are hugely indebted to our supporters who have made a provision for the School in their Wills. Those who advise us of their intention to support the School in this way are recognised as benefactors and acknowledged legacy supporters and we keep them in touch with the School, should they wish to do so.

FAQ can be viewed here.

Major Giving

A major gift is a donation of £10,000 or more made by an individual, group, foundation or corporation in support of a specific area. Major gifts are often bespoke arrangements between the donor and School and can come in many forms. They are often pledged over a number of years to be most convenient to the donor. In recent years, major gifts to Charters School have taken the form of alumni donations to the Maine Centre, and staffing costs to support vulnerable students by the Sunninghill Trust. Local company, Diversified, donated and installed audio equipment in the Wolfson Science Lecture Theatre and the Winston STEM Block free of charge.  In the past, some major benefactors have chosen to remain anonymous.

Please contact our Marketing & Communication Officer for more details.

Sponsorship & Advertising

Local businesses are able to raise their profile within the wider community by sponsoring events, teams, faculties or minibuses at the School. Past sponsors have included Buckinghams Estate Agents, Orlando Attractions and Ascot Travel House who have each sponsored a minibus, Osborne Heath and Dormy House who have sponsored rugby and football teams and Gracewell of Ascot who has sponsored presentation evenings.

There are also opportunities to advertise in the School’s annual production and Gala Dinner programme.

All sponsors and advertisers are included in the School’s on-line Supporter's Directory which features live links to each business. A full breakdown of costs can be found here.


Many alumni, parents and friends would prefer to donate time instead of funds.

In the past they have participated in many aspects of school life such as:

  • Careers activities and speakers programmes
  • Mentoring
  • Helping at school events

If you would like to know more please email


The Giving Machine

Giving Machine

You can now find Charters School on TheGivingMachine, a great fundraising site that lets you raise donations for Charters School whenever you shop online. It’s easy to use and doesn’t cost you (or us) a penny!

TheGivingMachine is a fundraising charity setup to help other charitable causes raise money online. By signing up and shopping online via TheGivingMachine you will generate a free cash donation for us. With over 2,200 of your favourite retailers, including Ebay, M&S, Tui, Sainsbury, John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners, you are bound to find what you need and generate a donation.

To start raising free donations go to
and join – it’s that easy.

To make sure you never miss a donation download the free Shop&Give mobile app and the free desktop reminder app

Plus, click the Daily Bonus Donation button to raise a free donation every day – no purchase necessary! Find out more here

Or donate directly to  Charters School via the Donate Now button on

Thank you for your support.