Learning and Teaching

The aim of Charters School is to provide all students with the right to educational excellence through the provision of high-quality teaching. To achieve this, we have built our pedagogical model around seven core principles which form the basis of all Learning and Teaching across the curriculum. The following outline provides you with a summary of how Charters School delivers learning for your child ‘every lesson, every day’:


  • CHALLENGE - Having high expectations of the standards all students should reach, with learning objectives that explore all possible opportunities for taking a more challenging path.
  • EXPLANATION - Enabling students to develop their knowledge and understanding of concepts, skills and processes as well as the ability to apply their learning to a range of situations.
  • MODELLING - Making implicit decision-making explicit, by showing students how to do things, highlighting key procedures and the thinking that underpins them.
  • QUESTIONING - Asking questions that check for learning in such a way that it allows for a capacity to adjust explanations and tasks according to how well students are doing in making sense of the material.
  • PRACTISE - Providing students with the opportunity to improve their confidence and fluency with a wide range of skills and knowledge so as to eventually become more independent in their learning.
  • FEEDBACK - Providing regular, targeted feedback that helps all students to move forward, deepening their understanding or gaining fluency.
  • REVIEW - Allowing for the opportunity to review what students learn to build long-term memory and a higher level of fluency recall.

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