Charters 079


Our motto of Unity Respect Excellence underpins all elements of school life and as representatives of Charters School our students are required to take pride in their appearance and dress in a way that matches our expectations. 

We believe that a common and consistent identity is a strength of the school and it is our policy that a school crest must be visible all year round on either a blazer, jumper, blouse or polo shirt.  

School uniform must be worn from when students leave home in the morning until they return home in the evening. Any requests for modifying the school uniform for religious reasons must be made in writing to the Headteacher.  

We strongly believe that we all share a responsibility to ensure that:  

  • Students wear their uniform correctly, and with pride.  
  • Staff have high expectations of school uniform and are consistent in how they support students to ensure the uniform policy is consistently adopted.  
  • Parents have similarly high expectations in how their children are dressed for school, and consistently support and reinforce the school’s policy with regards to uniform. 

Parents are free to buy uniform from any supplier, however items featuring the school crest are only available from the school shop. We recommend that all items of school clothing are marked with the student’s full name.

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  Uniform Requirement Additional Information

Black blazer with School crest.
(Only available from School shop)

Plain, dark coloured coats may be worn over blazers during cold weather, but MUST be removed on entering any school building.
V-neck Jumper*

Royal blue with crest for years 7 and 8.
Navy blue with crest for years 9, 10 and 11.
(Only available from School shop)

No other jumper is acceptable.

Hooded sweatshirts or tracksuit tops are NOT acceptable as outdoor coats.



Charcoal grey tailored school trousers.

Trousers should be in a school style and not ‘skinny’ or flared. Brushed cotton, corduroy or jean-type material is NOT acceptable.



White shirt with collar (long or short sleeved) or white crested polo shirt - summer term only *.
(*Only available from school shop)

Plain white long or short-sleeved revere collar blouse or white short-sleeved revere collar crested blouse.  Or white crested polo shirt - summer term only*
(*Only available from school shop)

During hot weather students have the option to leave their blazers at home. If students decide to attend school without their blazer, the school crest must be visible on their polo shirt or blouse.
Skirt Plain dark grey box-pleated skirt. Skirts must be on the knee or longer. Shorter skirts are not permitted, and waistbands must NOT be rolled over.
Tie (Boys only)

Royal blue for Years 7, 8 and 9
Black for years 10 & 11
(Only available from the School shop)

Ties must show a minimum of 7 stripes.
Shoes Formal plain, flat, black shoes that can be polished. Laces on shoes must be black. Training shoes, boots, shoes with heels and pumps are NOT acceptable.

Black or dark grey socks

White, grey, or black ankle socks
Skin coloured, grey, or black plain tights

Knee length socks are NOT acceptable.

Socks must NOT be worn over tights.
  PE Kit Requirement Additional Information
PE Polo Shirt

Navy crested polo shirt.
(Only available from the school shop)

PE Shorts/Skorts

Unisex, Navy crested shorts.
Girls may wear crested Navy blue skorts.
(Only available from the school shop)

Rugby Shirt

Reversible crested rugby shirt – Boys only.
(Only available at School shop)

Training Shoes Training shoes with non-marking soles, suitable for all sports activities  
Socks White ankle socks must be worn for all sports with the exception of Rugby, Football & Hockey where long, navy socks that can accommodate shin pads must be worn. These are available from the school shop.

Shin pads should be worn where appropriate.

It is strongly recommended that gum shields should be worn for Rugby and Hockey.
Boots Hockey/Football boots for field activities.  
Optional PE Kit*

Boots with moulded soles suitable for an artificial pitch *
Navy sports base-layer leggings *
Navy sports base-layer tops *
Navy crested fleece (Only available at School shop) *
Navy crested tracksuit bottoms (Only available at School shop) *

Plain navy base layers can be worn but must not be branded.

Items featuring an asterix are optional*

  Acceptable Not Acceptable

A small, single, plain stud may be worn in pierced ears. These must be removed for PE or covered with tape if this is not possible.

A small watch may be worn but removed for PE.

No other earring may be worn and no other body piercings e.g. nose studs etc. are allowed.  


Hair should be cut in a style suitable for school and kept clean, neat, and tidy.

Hair should be a natural in colour.

Hair extensions or extremes of hairstyle or colour. If there is any doubt, please contact the school before going to the hairdresser.

No ribbons, hair bands, grips or other hair covers, in a colour or style not complementary to school uniform.

No hats/caps to be worn inside buildings.

Shoulder length hair must be tied up for PE/Sport.

Make-Up Girls in Years 10 and 11 may wear light make-up. Make-up is not allowed in Years 7-9.
Nail Varnish   Nail varnish should not be worn in ANY year.
Scarves Scarves must be plain and dark in colour.

Scarves with logos or motifs are NOT permitted.  

They are only to be worn during cold weather and should be removed before entering any building.