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Small Acts of Kindness

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16th Feb 2022

Students at Charters Sixth Form take part in Enrichment projects each Wednesday afternoon, and one group is using this time to support the Small Acts of Kindness charity by putting their knitting skills to work.

The charity has started an initiative to help older people stay warm in their homes during the winter months and is encouraging people across the country to knit small squares which are then sewn together to form individual blankets. The rising cost of fuel means that many older people are faced with choosing between heating their homes or buying food, so this initiative has come at just the right time.

Mrs Lee-Wragg, who has been instrumental is setting up this activity, is keen that staff also show their support and is leaving knitting needles and wool in the staffroom so that the entire school can take part. Each knitted square consists of 30 stitches which are then knitted for 60 rows in a plain knit.

This really shows the Unity aspect of our school motto and the community spirit of staff and students working together for a common goal feels wonderful.

We'll show you the blankets once they are made.