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Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn (L2) has been designed to equip our students with the learning tools they need for success in secondary school and beyond. In its first year, the programme of study will focus on the basic skills that will have been missed during remote learning whilst also working on developing the top skills for the future highlighted by the World Economic Forum: reflection, critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, leadership, resilience and reasoning. Students will learn of the importance of these skills whilst also understanding what they look like across the subjects they learn throughout their time at Charters.

The fortnightly lesson complements subject-based learning and focuses on a range of topics, including:

  • Creativity & risk taking (Resilience week)
  • Listening skills
  • Communication - emailing & code switching
  • Note taking
  • Revision skills
  • Developing vocab - Command words
  • Independence & reflection
  • Strengths & weaknesses audit
  • Feedback
  • Problem solving
  • Researching