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Laptops To Loan

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15th Mar 2022

Thankfully we are now seeing light at the end of the dark Covid-19 tunnel and students are at last enjoying an academic year free from disruption.

The past two years have highlighted the fact that access to technology is vitally important, and the Government's 'Get Help with Technology' programme has been created to ensure that every secondary school has the resources to loan laptops to students in need.

We are fortunate that our school has now taken delivery of over 100 laptops, which can be loaned to students for the entirety of their time with us, and many students are already benefiting from their use.

Over the coming months we will be approaching families that we feel would benefit from this scheme.

We hope that 'lockdown' will soon become a distant memory, but if the virus once again dictates that we must isolate and schools are once again required to switch to on-line learning, our students will have the resources to experience the minimum of disruption.