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House Bake Sale

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15th Feb 2022

There was something in the air on Valentines day, and that something was the delicious smell of freshly baked cakes and biscuits. Students and staff supported the House bake sale by bringing in their baked goods which were then sold during second break.

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The event raised a staggering £650 for our House charities which this year are The Jane Metson Foundation for Bulldogs, Mind for Eagles and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Panthers.

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Miss Draper, who co-ordinates the House system at Charters said, "This was a great example of everyone getting together to support their House and in turn, raising funds for their House's chosen charity. It has been a long time since we have been able to organise an event that the entire school can attend and it felt great to be back together after such a difficult period. My thanks goes to everyone who supported this House competition."

A huge thank you to students and staff for their wonderful efforts with baking and donating the cakes, biscuits and treats. Also, thank you to all the students and staff who came at second break to buy all the cakes! 

Bulldogs House earned the most House pints for donating the most! 

Well done and thank you from the House Team.