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Thank you for our Robots!

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27th Jan 2022

In November we launched a fundraising campaign and asked people if they could 'Give the Gift of Friendship' over the Christmas period.

We hoped to raise £3240 to purchase an AV1 Robot to help students who are away from school for long period of time due to chronic health conditions. AV1 Robots help alleviate loneliness and social isolation, which can become a major issue when students are unable to attend school in person.

With the help of an amazing parent, one of our very talented alumni, and seven tenacious Year 9 students, we created a fund-raising video to kick-start our campaign...and the response has been phenomenal!

Over the period of six weeks we received over £10,000 in donations and have been able to buy three AV1 Robots to help our most isolated students.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who supported this campaign, but thought that the best way of doing so would be to ask the students who featured in the fund-raising video to tell you themselves.