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Handling the News Day

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8th Jul 2022

During our recent Immersive Learning Day, which saw all year groups off-timetable, the Year 9 students were placed in news groups – The Times, The Sun, The Independent etc. and assigned roles such as editor or reporter.


During the day, the news groups were be fed a series of news stories through 'press releases' which took place at various locations around the school site. The teams chose whether to send a reporter and/or photographer to the specified location, and had to remember their 'Press Card' to ensure they could gain access.


 The students then listened to our volunteers, who delivered the announcement, and were given the opportunity to ask questions. They then had to decide what stories to use and how they would write up the story to best appeal to their audience.


As with real life, the stories often changed throughout the day as more information was released, and it was up to the editors to ensure that only the correct and most up-to-date information made it through to publication.

At the end of the afternoon the year group met in the Main Hall where all the final editions were displayed. 

We have combined this work into a digital booklet which you can view here: