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Rising Futures - Into the Wild

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23rd Jun 2022

Twelve students from Charters joined eight other schools for a weekend of outdoor adventure on the Rising Futures Into the Wild trip, and what a wonderful weekend they had.  Crate stacking, leap of faith and a whole host of other land based activities led to a busy and rather tiring weekend.  Students all have their favourite and most frightening activities but unanimously the ‘Full English’ each morning was an absolute hit!

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Rising Futures use a system of stars to reward those students demonstrating the four Yes Futures 'Talents': confidence, communication, resilience and self-awareness. The Charters students really showed these skills in abundance and there were some particular successes.


  • Aidan won the most stars overall (across all schools!!!), winning the top prize of the 'Gold Award'. He was really fantastic throughout the whole weekend - showing confidence, leadership and consistent positivity.
  • Harvey, Ebonni-Rose and Tukiya were in the winning group, for the most stars.


As well as awards for stars, there were also 'Talent Trophies', for students who deserve specific recognition. These trophies were voted for by all Yes Futures staff and volunteers:

  • Alex won the Talent Trophy for Resilience.
  • Gethin was the runner up in the 'Confidence Award'.