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70 Glorious Years

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27th May 2022

As the nation takes a step back to remember the steadfast work of Queen Elizabeth's 70 years as our monarch, our school is celebrating her reign in a number of ways.

Our Library has a wonderful 'Platinum Jubilee' display which encourages students to 'Read around the Commonwealth'.


There is also a Jubilee Wordsearch for students to complete which references all things royal.


Finally, we have joined thousands of other institutions the length and breadth of the country who have been planting trees as part of the Queens Green Canopy initiative. These trees will not only leave a lasting legacy of our Queen's reign, but will also help to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, combat climate change and improve the environment.


The Queen visited our school four years after we opened. We would like to wish Her Majesty very many congratulations on reaching her Platinum Jubilee