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We Need Volunteers

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20th May 2022

All year 9 students will be ‘off timetable’ on Friday 1 July as we will be hosting a Handling the News Day with the entire year group.


Students will be placed in news groups – The Times, The Sun, The Independent etc. and assigned roles such as editor or reporter. During the day, the news groups will be fed a series of news stories and it is up to them to send a reporter and/or photographer to the specified location around school where a ‘press release’ about the story will take place. The students will listen to the press release and then have the opportunity to ask questions. They then decide what stories they will use and how they will write up the story.

We need guests who can provide the news stories. We will write a story for you to deliver and this can link to your field of expertise or business. We would require volunteers for up to 30 minutes during the morning of 1 July.

If you are interested in helping us to deliver this innovative cross-curricular learning experience, please contact our Marketing Manager to discuss how you could be involved.

Thank you