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Parish Councils Fund Canopy

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31st Mar 2022

Last year we ran a successful campaign to increase the number of regular donations our school receives each month, which enabled us to erect an all-weather canopy in our school grounds. This has been a fantastic addition to the school site and is packed with students during break times.

We approached our two local Parish Councils to help fund a similar structure for our Sixth Form students after the need for a permanent covered structure became apparent at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure this cohort could socially distance during break times.

Parish Councils receive financial contributions from local developers to help pay for new and improved infrastructure and we applied to receive funding from this Community Infrastructure Levy from both the Ascot & Sunninghill P.C. and Sunningdale P.C.

After a vigorous bidding process, we are happy to report that we sucessfully secured joint funding of £25,200 from the Parish Councils' CIL funds and the new structure is now complete.

We would like to thank Ascot & Sunninghill Parish Council and Sunningdale Parish Council for their support.