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Enterprise Challenge

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17th Mar 2022

As part of our school's thriving Careers Programme, students in Year 9 have been busy building their own virtual businesses as part of The Prince's Trust's Enterprise Challenge.


Over 100 students took part in the initiative which was led by trained mentors throughout an entire school day. The students were split into teams and were tasked with developing a virtual pop-up shop, developing their ideas around what should be sold, their profit margins, target market and marketing initiatives. Their choices were then entered into a business simulation game, which enabled them to virtually run their business ides and discover which team would make the most profit, attract the most customers and crucially have the most sustainable and ethical values.


Following the game-play, our students then had the opportunity to work with their mentors to develop and pitch their business idea, putting into practice what they had learnt.


At the end of the day our students were encouraged to reflect on the skills they had developed during the experience.  Although the day's primary focus was to develop skills associated with Business and Enterprise, it is clear that the event also helped to build their confidence and added to their personal and social development.


Mrs Henly, Deputy Headteacher and Careers Lead at Charters said, "Particularly after the past couple of COVID years to have students back together working in teams has been wonderful.  Days such as this give students an opportunity to learn about Business and Enterprise and develop so many skills: teamwork, communication, presentation skills and resilience to name just a few.  All mixed in with healthy element of competition and an awful lot of fun."