PSHE and Citizenship students at Charters School will develop their knowledge, understanding and critical thinking skills which will complement the personal qualities of each student.  The PHSEC programme of study:
•    Health and Mental wellbeing
•    Relationships, Sex, Sexuality and Identity
•    Living in the Wider World: Risk and Safety, Communities and Finance.

Students will obtain balanced information to encourage empathy regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and socio-economic position and in turn this will enhance their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 

This means students will:

  • Question the so called ‘Norms’ in society. Develop confidence in being able to challenge when they think something is wrong i.e. ‘Rape Culture’, ‘Racism’
  • Understand the diverse country/world they live in. Empathise with Gender identities: Gender fluidity, multi-faith, ethnic, race, appreciate difference.
  • Critical thinking is key:  question and assess what behaviours could change outcomes: Knife Crime, County Lines, Exploitation.
  • Assessment is ipsative & reflective and not performance based.