At Charters Sixth Form we believe that to be academically successful you need to have a broad and well-rounded experience that goes beyond just studying.  Along with many of the social action opportunities provided during the school year we have created an Enrichment Programme that sits within our curriculum time for all students to access and enjoy. Through active participation in one of our many different activities, students develop a sense of self, learn new skills, challenge themselves to do something new; all of which helps support a healthy work life balance.

Students are actively encouraged to take the lead and we are delighted to be able to support the development of activities that the students organise and run. Allowing them autonomy to decide what suits their needs ensures that all enjoy and benefit from a diverse programme.

This academic year we are offering the sessions below and look forward to growing and adapting them further over the coming years.

Community Drama

Documentary Club (Student Led)

Table Tennis

Amnesty Group




Soul Creativity

School Newspaper

(Student Led)

Mooks/Future learn independent courses


OAP Outreach (Spring)


Primary Outreach (Spring)




We recognise the importance of the Sixth Form as role models for our younger students.

Being the inspiration that encourages a student to continue their studies and aspire to follow in our students’ footsteps is crucial and so we have created a programme that facilitates this.

Every Year 12 student is allocated to the department or year group of their choice for one period per fortnight. During this session they are deployed to work with individuals or small groups of students, supporting them in their studies and helping them to develop confidence and belief in their abilities.

This unique opportunity also allows our Sixth Formers to develop some of the key soft skills that employers look for whilst having the satisfaction that they are making a real difference to someone’s life.