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(Updated 19.03.18 - 06:25)

Charters School will be open today.  However there is a strong likelihood of ice on the school site.  Therefore, although it is normal uniform, all students are strongly encouraged to wear suitable footwear - wellington boots, trainers or similar.

Please take extra care when travelling to school by car as some side roads are untreated this morning.

We expect students to make their way in when it is safe to do so.  We will probably have a slow start depending on whether the coaches can operate their usual schedule.


Our motto best summarises what Charters stands for: 'Unity, Respect, Excellence'.

Unity: every member of the school community works together in common pursuit of the school's aims.

Respect: every member of the school community recognises and values each others' individual qualities and characteristics.

Excellence: every member of the school community tries to achieve their personal best in all that is undertaken and feels a collective, as well as a personal, sense of pride in these achievements.

Martyn Parker & Richard Pilgrim (Co-Headteachers).

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