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Our motto best summarises what Charters stands for: 'Unity, Respect, Excellence'.

Unity: every member of the school community works together in common pursuit of the school's aims.

Respect: every member of the school community recognises and values each others' individual qualities and characteristics.

Excellence: every member of the school community tries to achieve their personal best in all that is undertaken and feels a collective, as well as a personal, sense of pride in these achievements.

Richard Pilgrim, Headteacher

Headteacher's Weekly Updates

Pay it Forward

Our Sixth Form students are being inspired to raise funds to leave an alumni legacy from their year group for the students coming up behind them. Students decide, as a year group, how the money is spent. Click here to learn how they are being encouraged to give something back.

Sometimes you can't pay it back so you just have to pay it forward.

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