Welcome to Charters School

Our motto best summarises what Charters stands for: 'Unity, Respect, Excellence'.

Unity: every member of the school community works together in common pursuit of the school's aims.

Respect: every member of the school community recognises and values each others' individual qualities and characteristics.

Excellence: every member of the school community tries to achieve their personal best in all that is undertaken and feels a collective, as well as a personal, sense of pride in these achievements.

Martyn Parker & Richard Pilgrim (Co-Headteachers).

Co-Headteachers' Weekly Updates

Vote now for Charters to receive up to £6,000 to install 10 recycling bins around the Charters site to keep it clean and tidy whilst also raising awareness and increasing knowledge of environmental issues: an initiative that reflects Charters' commitment to sustainable thinking.  We have two weeks to get as much support as possible. Please vote now https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WWZ9G9P 

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