This year the year 8 history subject specialists went on a field trip to Ufton Court. Ufton Court is an Elizabethan manor in the English countryside of Berkshire. It is also an Educational Charitable Trust. It provides innovative and challenging opportunities for children and young people. The Ufton education team work with schools to help design a program that meets their needs. At Ufton, children and young people explore the historical and environmental world through real hands on experiences.

Our experience involved the exploration of trebuchets and how you have to get the trajectory right. It also helped enlighten our understanding of siege weapons and what their forte is during battle.

Right from the start we split into two groups. Group A made their own mini trebuchet while Group B split into two groups again to start progress on their big catapults as well as filling up water balloons for ammunition for the big battle against each other.

Once both groups had finished their projects we swapped over to do exactly what the other group had been doing.

After lunch the siege began and balloons were flying everywhere getting everybody soaked, if a water balloon didn't get you wet then the rain would, but that didn't dampen our enthusiasm.

When the siege was over we played two rounds of laser tag with pre-made laser guns.

Now that the catapults had been dismantled we had a tour of Ufton Court that once smuggled in Catholic priests from the Protestant ruling parliament who would kill them if found.

I am certain that other students as well as I have found this trip thoroughly enjoyable.

Please click on images to enlarge.  Text by Benjamin Adams