On three occasions during the year, parents and students receive a progress report providing a range of academic information about the student’s current performance.  

Progress Plus Reports 

One of these progress reports, called the Progress Plus Report also includes a Head of Year comment and a Form Tutor detailed comment providing an overview of academic performance, highlighting particular strengths and concerns, as well as other aspects of the student’s all round performance such as achievement points and involvement in extra-curricular activities.


What does the data actually mean?

Your child's Progress Report contains important information about both their attitude to learning and their current achievement level.  At Charters School we condense a wide range of data about each child into standardised levels but would you know what it meant to be told your child in Year 7 was achieving a Grade 4 in English?  Or the difference between a Predicted Grade and a Fine Grade for your 15 year old?

To guide you through the information contained in your child's Progress Report we are in the process of producing a booklet which we hope you will find helpful.  Please revisit this page in February 2017.


The information in the blue box was presented at a seminar for Year 11 parents but can be useful information for all year groups.