Examination Board and code: Edexcel 9MAO/01/02/03 see below. Length of course: two years


What is the new Maths A Level about?

New AS and A levels in Mathematics and Further Mathematics are being introduced in England for first teaching from September 2017. The changes include:

New linear structure: AS will be decoupled from A level, and all assessment will take place at the end of the course. Exam questions may draw on the content of the whole A level.

New emphasis: There will be more emphasis on problem solving, reasoning and modelling, and a requirement for the use of technology to permeate teaching and learning.

New content: The content of AS and A level Mathematics will be fixed. It will include pure mathematics, mechanics and statistics (including analysis of large data sets). There will be some choice in content for AS and A level Further Mathematics.

Is this course for me?

GCSE grade level 7 required. Students who have completed the GCSE early should have studied some form of mathematics for the rest of the year such as Additional Mathematics (FMSQ) or done A level booster work.
Summer induction homework must be completed and handed in. Anyone who was not at induction will be given the homework at the start of the course. A basic skill test will be sat in the first or second lesson, failure to meet the departments pass mark will result in the student being placed on emergency intervention and a further test being sat. The test is based on the work in the induction booklet and includes skills that are essential to the A level course.

*Not suitable for those students who have had a gap year in their mathematics education between GCSE and A level.

Where could it lead?

Mathematics qualifications are highly regarded and are warmly welcomed by universities. Students who take Mathematics are regarded as demonstrating a strong commitment to their studies. Learning Mathematics is also very useful for any mathematically rich degree. Some prestigious university courses require students to have a Mathematics qualification and others may adjust their entry grade requirements more favourably to students with Mathematics. 

What else do I need to know?

There is the opportunity for Year 12 students to undertake community service. The mathematics department also offer a weekly clinic on a Thursday. This is to support students with their studies. All pupils are welcome to come and receive help from a variety of teachers. 

What do other students say?

“Mathematics at A level is a big change from GCSE’s but the structured HW, consolidation and assessments at Charters help to keep on top of the topics taught.” 

“I joined Charters School a few weeks ago into Year 12. Mathematics at A level has been an excellent experience, introducing me to some more challenging and interesting mathematics, and learning more advanced algebra with calculus and trigonometry. I am really enjoying the speed in lessons, new expectations and independent learning. The Thursday Clinics have been really helpful in bridging gaps.”  

Content and Assessment Overview

A Level Mathematics consists of three externally—examined papers.
PAPER 1: Pure Mathematics 1 (*Paper code: 9MA0/01)
PAPER 2: Pure Mathematics 2 (* Paper code: 9MA0/02)
PAPER 3: Statistics & Mechanics (* Paper code: 9MA0/03)

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3
2 hour written exam 2 hour written exam 2 hour written exam
33.33% of qualification 33.33% of qualification 33.33% of qualification
100 marks 100 marks 100 marks
Paper 1 and 2 may contain questions on any topic from the Pure Mathematics content Paper 3 will contain questions on topics from Statistics in Section A and Mechanics in Section B
All questions are compulsory
Calculators can be used.


Further Mathematics

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 options Paper 4 options
Core Pure Mathematics 1 Core Pure Mathematics 2 3A: Further Pure Mathematics 1 4A: Further Pure Mathematics 2
4B: Further Statistics 1
4C: Further Mechanics 1
4D: Decision Mathematics 1
3B: Further Statistics 1 4C: Further Mechanics 1
4D: Decision Mathematics 1
4E: Further Statistics 2
3C: Further Mechanics 1 4D: Decision Mathematics 1
4F Further Mechanics 2
3D: Decision Mathematics 1 4G: Decision Mathematics 2