Exam Board & Code : Edexcel 8GR01/9GR01
Course : 2 Years to full A level

What is Graphics with Materials Technology A level about?

A Level Product Design seeks to develop students’ knowledge, understanding, skills and application for designing products. It encompasses a wide range of design disciplines but is firmly rooted in the skills required to design and make high quality products using graphic materials.

Is this course for me?

To follow this course you will need to have taken Graphic Products, Resistant Materials or a similar Design Technology GCSE course. You will also need to meet the minimum academic standards set out in our sixth form entry requirements.

What else do I need to know?

Effective time management is essential. This includes making good use of private study time working independently in the design areas.

What do other students say?

‘Good quality design work requires a lot of concentration and commitment, but when you see the professional results that can be achieved, its well worth the effort.’

Where could it lead?

Taking this subject could lead to a career in all areas of Design including, Product Design and Development, Architecture, Marketing and many areas of Engineering including Civil  and Mechanical Engineering, and Product Manufacture.

How is the course structured?

Unit Content Unit Assessment
AS Unit 1:

This unit is divided into three discrete areas of study. Each of these areas is unique.

Product investigation. Students will develop skills in examining product performance, materials and components, product manufacture and quality issues.

Product design. The product design aspect of Unit 1 means students can design as openly as they like, developing creative and adventurous design, modelling and communication skills that are essential for success at A2 Level.

Product manufacture.In their product manufacture, students have an opportunity to develop diverse practical skills through making more than one product, using a range of materials hence establishing a broad base of expertise that can be used in A2.

Internally assessed coursework. 60% of the total AS marks; 30% of the total A2 marks
AS Unit 2:

Students will develop a knowledge and understanding of a wide range of materials and processes used in the field of Graphic Product Design.

1 hour 30 minute examination. 40% of the total AS marks; 20% of the total A2 marks
A2 Unit 3:

Further development of their knowledge and understanding of a range of modern design and manufacturing practices and contemporary design issues.

2 hour examination. 20% of the total A2 marks

A2 Unit 4:

The coursework requirement at A2 Level is a full design and make activity, offering students the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and competencies they have gained from their AS studies.

Internally assessed coursework. 30% of the total A2 marks