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Science Club: Budding scientists carry out experiments and undertake projects to gain CREST awards at our Key Stage 3 Science Clubs. Week 2 only. Held in S7, 3.10pm, contact Mr Morgan-John.

Book Club: Do you like books? Do you like reading books? Do you like talking about reading books to those of similar interests? If yes, then come to Book Club: the best thing since reading books! (Free biscuits included with membership). Held on Fridays in M22 during second break. Contact Miss Brennan.

Railway Club: The club is open to all students who have an interest in railways and railway modelling. Members are welcome an arrive late or leave early to fit in with other commitments. We have a large model railway under construction and students are given the opportunity to learn and practice construction skills and to understand how real railways operate. Talks about railways and visits to museums and railway facilities will be organised according to members wishes.  Just turn up if you are interested in joining us in M8 after school on Tuesdays.

Creative Writing Club: an opportunity to express yourself and enjoy the fun of writing. So many different styles to try and lots of experimenting with the intricacies of the written word. Wednesdays in M23 after school. Contact Mrs H Cross-Fancy

The Big Debate: discussion and debate of Current Affairs where we look at recent hot topics in the news and at issues from a variety of different points of view.  All pupils in Year 7 are welcome even if it's to sit quietly and listen to others, it's sure to be interesting!  Held on Tuesdays in H6, 3.10pm, contact Ms R Magill.

Orchestra: the orchestra is open to students of grade 3 standard or above on any orchestral instrument. They perform a variety of music from Film, TV and Classical repertoire in the Winter and Spring end of term concerts. The orchestra has also been the driving force behind the success of the Senior String Ensemble, who also perform in the end of term concerts. Music Department after school. Contact Mr M McKenna.

English Drop in Club: tutoring for pupils in Years 7-9 who would value extra help in  English.  Are you struggling with something in English and don't know what to do?  Then drop in and we'll be there to help you. Held in M22 at Second Break, contact Miss N Morgan

Media Club: this is for students in KS3 and KS4 during second break.  Students film and edit their filming using Applemac computers. Mrs H Bradbury.

Humanities Club is an exciting opportunity for students in Year 7 and Year 8 to explore Geography and History outside of lessons! We will be making exploding volcanoes, fortified castles and much more! The aim of this club is to expand the students’ knowledge, passion and creativity in these subjects: developing skills in research, presentation and teamwork. Wednesday H3 3-4pm. Contact Miss B Smith or Mr W Espensen

Charters Youth Club is a busy facility located at the Charters Youth and Community Centre which is situated on the school site. At the Year 7 club you can experiment with cooking, art, games, sport and generally have fun with your mates. Cost £1. Tuesdays 3-4.30pm. For further information please contact Tracey on 07788926896 or go to

Dance at Charters incorporates the Year 7-9 breaktime Dance Clubs; the Y7, Junior and Senior Dance Companies which are open to all; CYDC which is by audition;  XLR8 Boys Dance company open to all and the Charters Cheerleading Squad Y8-11.  Contact Miss E Sussex.

Sport Clubs: sport clubs operate after school, some of which require payment.  For further information please contact 

STEM Club for Fasttrack Pupils: the club involves Science, Techonology, Engineering and Mathematics and for the first term the focus will be on preparing for a Lego League competition where a robot is programmed to complete certain tasks. For the remainder of the year we will complete tasks and challenges that involve all of the above subjects. Please contact Mr Ginn

Music clubs: are held in the music department. Please contact Mr McKenna for further information. 

Art:This is an exciting opportunity open to all students in Year 7 who wish to explore their creativity. Students will experiment with a range of mixed media to create expressive paintings, collages and sculptures. Held in S7 3-4pm. Contact Mr Hall.

Warhammer: this club will be held in S9 on Thursdays from 3pm - 5pm, students are free to come and go. No equipment or previous experience needed.  Contact Mrs Rivers.

Girls' Robotics: Wednesdays in S7 from 3pm - 4.15pm. Contact Ms Inglis

Design Technology, Autumn Term only: this club will allow students to make a range of products using various equipment to develop their understanding of both materials and processes. All products will be teacher led to ensure safety and promote quality.  Mondays in M16 from 3.10 - 4.10pm. Contact Mrs Treharne

Gardening, Summer term only: this will involve planting seeds, growing plants, looking after them and harvesting the plants to sell. Mondays at the Maine Centre garden from 3.10 - 4.10pm.  Contact Mrs Treharne.

Latin: come along to M6 during 2nd break on Mondays for a fun, interactive opportunity to learn Latin.  Contact Mrs C. Csemiczky