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At Charters we recognise that we have a pivotal role in supporting students to make healthy lifestyle choices and to understand the benefits of lifelong health and wellbeing. There are well researched links between wellbeing and positive academic performance.

Childhood and adolescence years are critical for developing attitudes, skills and knowledge. Their choices depend on many factors namely: what is accessible, what their peers choose and what is common practice. Their health and wellbeing is dynamic and changeable.

Our Wellbeing Hub is here to offer informed choices and deepen understanding to build behaviour practices that support resilience.

With a wellbeing lifestyle comes resilience traits, benefits include:

  • How to develop from adversity and respond better to unfavourable conditions
  • Foster optimism
  • Be more productive and engaged in school work
  • Lower levels of depression
  • A greater sense of competence. Give something a go attitude – face your fears.
  • A better quality of life, health and longevity

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Emotional Well Being Champions

At Charters School we have trained students who design and implement campaigns within the school to help promote emotional well being. They are our Champions.  They signpost others to access the support available within the school and from external agences. Click here to find out more.