Several years ago, we recognised the importance of timely access to essential support services for students as part of the schools’ pastoral care programme.  Everyone at Charters understands that, from time to time, young people need additional help, over and above what might reasonably be expected to be in place in a school like ours.  

Using a gift from ex-Charters student, Carl Maine, we were able to transform the vacant Carertaker’s bungalow on the periphery of the site into a facility which could offer a multitude of services to our students and their families.  So often, the social, medical, emotional or behavioural needs of students hamper, and in some cases, prevent them realising their potential.  The purpose of the Maine Centre is to provide a bespoke support programme to individuals which will allow them to access the curriculum and take full advantage of the excellent learning opportunities available to them.

The Centre is also home to our thriving Vocational Studies Level 2 course.  With a significant horticultural focus, the teaching programme has been able to utilise the grounds of the Maine Centre to great effect. In 2014, the students on this course were responsible for planning and constructing a large pond to the south of the garden area which has been critically acclaimed by many, including the Royal Horticultural Society.