Sports Fixtures










Monday 25th Feb Netball G U12 SE Berks Tournament Charters
Tuesday 26th Feb Hockey G U12a/U12b Newlands/CC Braywick
Tuesday 26th Feb Football B U12 EB Brackenhale Charters
Tuesday 26th Feb Football B U14 EB Piggott Piggott 3G
Wednesday 27th Feb Netball G Y8 A&B RBWM FP
Wednesday 27th Feb Football B U16 EB St Crispins Charters
Thursday 28th Feb Hockey G U13 In2Hockey St Mary's
Thursday 28th Feb Football B U14 County Edgbarrow Edgbarrow
Thursday 28th Feb Rugby 7s B U12 Tournament Pangbourne College
Friday 1st Mar Hockey B U13 In2Hockey LVS



Sports Club Cancellations


Monday 25th Feb

6th Form Basketball

Year 10/11 Netball


Tuesday 26th Feb

Year 9 Boys Football


Wednesday 27th Feb

Year 8 Rugby


Thursday 28th Feb

Year 9 Netball

Year 7 Rugby





Sports Club Timetable

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