Buying School Uniform

Charters School uniform is supplied by Direct Clothing Ltd and is available from their online shop or in person from the school at selected times.

Opening Hours 2018-2019

For STUDENTS: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: daily 1.30pm - 2pm

For PARENTS: Online 24/7, please use shop icon above or in person on Wednesdays 3-4pm.

We accept credit and debit cards for both online orders and in the school shop. 



Pupils are proud of their school uniform, which is compulsory, and extremes of fashion in dress and hairstyle are not permitted. Sixth form students are not required to wear uniform but should dress in a manner appropriate to the life of a school where other pupils are wearing uniform.


Parents are free to buy uniform from any supplier, but the school shop does stock most items all year round and some items can only be bought from the shop.


Exam Packs

The exam staff will not have supplies to lend pupils so it is essential to arrive at exams with your own stationery. The shop sells the following exam packs, all approved by the school.

Value exam pack in a re-sealable plastic bag which includes 2 HB pencils, 2 black ball pens, clear 15cm ruler, plastic sharpener and eraser.

Basic exam set in a small clear pencil case which includes 2 Staedtler HB pencils, 2 Staedtler black ballpoint pens, clear 15cm ruler, Staedtler eraser and metal sharpener. 

Maths exam set in a large clear pencil case which includes 2 Staedtler HB pencils, 2 Staedtler black ballpoint pens, clear 30cm ruler, Staedtler eraser, metal sharpener, 45 and 60 degree set squares, protractor and Maped Study compass and pencil.

Second Hand Uniform

Thank you to everyone who has provided uniform for re-sale, please note, due to the current stock levels we are unable to accept any more donations of school uniform for the remainder of this academic year.

The sale of second hand uniform has been reducing over a number of years and we have taken some time to review the items that are routinely purchased by parents.  It appears there is very little demand for second-hand items that do not bear the school logo.  After careful consideration we have decided that the School Shop will no longer stock any second-hand items that do not bear the Charters logo.  All other logo’ d items will still be available to purchase second-hand at competitive prices.

Lost Property

There are an increasing number of parents contacting the school shop directly with lost property enquiries.   Please note where a student has lost an item it is the responsibility of the student to look for the item.  If a lost item is labelled it will be returned to the students as soon as possible. 

It is school policy to dispose of lost property at the end of each term, so please encourage your child to look for lost items as soon as possible.