A partnership of over 1500 schools working together to achieve the highest outcomes for students. 

   A programme to develop life attributes in young people within a validated qualification.  

Employers and Universities have said they look for 5 core attributes essential for employability and life in standout students: leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication. The Edge is a framework for schools to develop and accredit these attributes with a website for pupils to log their achievements in and out of school. 

PiXL Edge at Charters School

Having the Edge is about getting the Edge. Getting the Edge is about acquiring the characteristics - being inspirational and supporting each other and our staff at Charters School. Getting the Edge requires dedication, hard work and commitment: it certainly won’t happen in a day...

  • It’s not just one challenge, it’s a constant test of mettle and of spirit
  • It’s not just our passion, it’s believing that nothing matters more
  • It’s not just getting better, it’s courage that never knows when it’s beaten
  • It’s not just the first day, week or month, it’s every day, week and month
  • It’s not just a child or a class or a school, it’s a better future and a brighter hope

Our students are so much more than "just" the certificates of academic achievement that they leave us with.  This national programme will encourage and develop these employability and life skills in students.