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Exam Board Edexcel – 9MT0  2 years to full A Level

What is Music Technology A level about?

This Music Tech course is designed to teach students how to successfully create and produce modern music to a commercial standard. Students will discover, through the use of technology, how to recreate an existing song, record live musicians, and create their own sounds towards a new composition. Students are encouraged to explore their musicality and with this, use technology to enhance sounds.  This course has an emphasis on practical tasks using the Music Department’s recording studio, M0, and Logic X software.

Is this course for me?

Are you interested in becoming a composer, record producer, recording studio engineer, music researcher for TV/film or in the music industry? Do you have an interest in modern music and creating your own music? Are you interested in organising live events? If the answer to any of those questions, then the answer is YES.

What else do I need to know?

This course requires you to spend working in the recording studio and M0 outside of lesson time.  Whilst the guided learning hours are exactly the same as any other ‘A’ level course, most homework and coursework tasks will need to be completed using the facilities here in school and this will mean spending plenty of time in school outside of your lesson time.

What do other students say?

"Music Tech is a really fun and engaging subject that constantly sets me new challenges”.

“I love coming into every lesson and being creative”.

"Just speak to any A Level student and they’ll tell you it’s the best subject they take!"


Where could it lead?

The Advanced GCE in Music is Technology is excellent preparation for higher education courses in general, particularly Music Technology and Physics. The course also offers an insight into potential careers in the music industry.


How is this course structured?


Unit Content

Unit Assessment

Component 1: Audio recording

Students will learn to use music technology skills to record, edit, mix and produce an audio recording to a commercial standard. Students will record live musicians of a contemporary song.





Component 2: Original composition

Students will be given a choice of briefs and asked to compose an original composition. Students will learn composition, editing and producing techniques including effect plugins to help create their composition. 




Component 3: Listening and analysing

Students will learn to listen adn analyse modern styles and songs to be able to crticially answer questions on recroding and production techniques and the development of sound recording technology.




Component 4: Analysing and Producing

Students will learn how to edit using mixing production techniques and then utilise these skills in a written and practical exam.