The ICT Support Services department provides assistance to all users of the School's ICT systems in school.

Acceptable Use Policy

In using the School's ICT facilities every user is required to ICT Acceptable Use Policy. Acceptance and re-acceptance of the policy can be requested at any time. When required this will occur at the initial point of logging into the network.

Account Security

It is essential that personal account details are kept private and not shared with anyone else. All users of the ICT facilities are encouraged to change their passwords regularly. Passwords are changed as follows:

Changing a network password

Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Delete, choose the "Change a password" option and confirm both the old password and new one.

Remote Access (staff)

Staff should use the following helpsheets for guidance in connecting remotely to the school network:
Remote login - Microsoft Windows devices
Remote login - Apple Mac OS X
Remote login - Apple IOS (iPads and iPhones)
Remote login - Android

Contact Us

For support with the School's Office 365 or Learning Gateway systems please first visit the relevant pages on this website before contacting the ICT Support Services department for assistance:

The ICT Support Services department can be contacted by either telephone or email:
Telephone: (01344) 298736