Charters School students and staff have achieved a marvellous set of GCSE results this year with 243 students completing their exams.

We are delighted with these results, which are a step-up from the very good outcomes in 2017. Students across the ability range have demonstrated great success. Our initial analysis indicates that across all subjects, on average, our students have achieved at least half a grade better than students of similar academic ability nationally.  We are very proud of them and the support given by our teaching and associate staff at a time when the examinations are more demanding.

Overall, 82% achieved 5 or more standard passes (grade level 9-4) including English and Mathematics. 41% of all entries were awarded at grade level 7 or above, the equivalent of an old GCSE A and above. 14% of entries were at grade level 8 (the equivalent of an A*) and 9% were at the new grade level 9 which rewards attainment above the A* grade.

GCSE Headline Measures



Students achieving 5 Standard Passes including English and Maths


Students achieving 5 Strong Passes including English and Maths


Students Achieving 9-7 in English and Maths


Students Achieving 9-7 in English


Students Achieving 9-7 in Maths


Students Achieving 9-5 in English and Maths


Students Achieving 9-5 in English


Students Achieving 9-5 in Maths


Students Achieving 9-4 in English and Maths


Students Achieving 9-4 in English


Students Achieving 9-4 in Maths


Students Entered For the EBacc


Students in COHORT Achieving the EBacc (Standard Pass) (NEW)


Students in COHORT Achieving the EBacc (Strong Pass)


A Level Results

We are extremely proud that the hard work of students, teaching and associate staff has produced some of the best results we have ever had. This is particularly significant against the backdrop of tougher qualifications and real terms funding cuts of 20% in school sixth forms.

The number of A-Levels being awarded at the highest grades of A*, A and B was up 4% on last year at 62.5%.  We would like to pass on our warmest congratulations to all our students as they embark on the next stage of their life after Charters.   Richard Pilgrim and Martyn Parker, Co-Headteachers.


A Level Headline Figures

Number of A Level students: 168

 Grade Percentage attainment
 A* 10.3% 
 A*-A  33.3%
 A*-B  62.5% 
 A*-C  81.3% 
 A*-E  97.5%

Ms Olimpia Morrison, Director of Sixth Form said," Congratulations to all our Year 13 students on their fantastic results.  33% A*- A and 62.5% A*-B!  Their hard work has been rewarded and the excellent grades have resulted in an even larger number of students being accepted on to their first choice of university. A significant number of our students will be going to Russell Group universities including five students who have secured a place at Oxbridge.” 


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