In this section you will find an overview of the curriculum with summaries of the subject topics covered at Key Stage 3 and more detailed explanations of Key Stage 4 courses. Information about the Key Stage 5 courses provided by the subjects can be accessed by clicking here.

  • how the curriculum is structured at Charters School
  • the teaching time allocated to each subject
  • the broad curriculum provided at KS3
  • the KS4 scheme structured to allow for specialisation and a degree of choice
  • the routes available post 16
  • the rolling tutor programme
  • the right to respond to individual needs by modifying the National Curriculum programmes
  • Religious Education
  • Sex Education

We hope you will find it a useful summary of the educational framework provided at Charters School.

For more information about who to contact for each subject at Charters School, please see the subject pages on this website