Mental Health - the facts

1 in 10 children and young people will experience a mental health problem before the age of 16. That's three students in an average sized class.

1 in 4 adults will experience a mental health problem in any year.

Even if a young person doesn't experience mental health problems directly, these statistics suggest he/she is likely to know someone who is affected.

Emotional Well Being Champions

Our student Emotional Well Being Champions are trained to design and implement campaigns within the school to help tackle the stigma and discrimination of mental health.  They signpost others to access the support available within the school and from external agences. 

Creating an open culture

Being more open about mental health benefits us all.

It can be an effective preventative strategy; normalising the topic and the experience.

It enables young people to look after their own mental health and ask for help if they need it. It also helps them to support their peers or family members outside school.

Early intervention can have a huge impact and positively influence a young person's recovery.

More Information

For more information about how to support the emotional well being of your child, please see our Well Being Hub or download the information from the blue box at the top of this page,  'Additional Resources'