Strategies for 2016-17

The Literacy and Numeracy ‘Catch-Up Premium’ provides schools with additional funding to support Year 7 students who did not achieve the appropriate standard in tests for English and/or Mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2. 
The ‘Catch-Up Premium’ received for the academic year 2017-18 is £12,190 and is being used to fund the following strategies and interventions:
Core Support   Additional lessons focusing on literacy and numeracy skills delivered by specialist staff trained in appropriate strategies for catch-up students.   Specialist resources for Core Support have also been funded.
Reduced Class Sizes   Those sets of students who receive Catch-Up Premium are taught in English and/or Mathematics groups with no more than 15 students.
Raising Standards Leader (KS3)    Funding for the appointment of a senior member of staff to the role of Raising Standards Leader KS3 which includes the academic monitoring of Catch-Up Premium students.
Specialist TAs    English and Mathematics have been funded to employ TAs specifically assigned to their subjects with a particular focus to support Catch-Up Premium students.
Pastoral Support   The School Counsellor, the Parent Support Adviser and the ELSA are examples of this support.
Literacy Support  Vocabulary development work and students working two mornings each week with TAs and Year 11 prefects.

Impact Report 2016-17

Last year we received the same amount of funding to support Year 7 students who needed to ‘catch up’ in Maths and/or English with the rest of the cohort as in 2015-16.  However, the way students were assessed at Key Stage 2 in 2016, made it less clear as to which students the schools should be using this finance to support.
In the past it was clear who the targeted cohort was because it was comprised of those students who were National Curriculum Level 3 or below at the end of Year 6.  The amount of students historically in this category has been between 20-30.  The withdrawal of National Curriculum levels means that, in effect, we needed to concentrate on those students who did not meet what was termed the appropriate standard and this is a greater number than previously – 60 students.
The results of these 60 students have been analysed based on our  Key Stage 3 Assessment system. 

Year Catch-Up (Progress Report 3 Analysis)

    Catch up Whole Cohort
English Average 3.58 4.36
  Target 4.97 6.31
  Difference -1.39 -1.94
Mathematics Average 2.8 4.42
  Target 4.64 6.51
  Difference -1.85 -2.09


At the end of Year 7 you would expect students to be approximately 2 grades away from their end of Year 9 targets.  For both English and Mathematics, the catch-up cohort has made more progress towards their end of Year 9 target than the whole cohort.  They are, therefore closing the academic gap as this rate of progress suggests that they will exceed their Key Stage 3 targets by the end of Year 9.