The key principles that underpin our approach to developing good and effective behaviour in our students are linked to our core values - Unity, Respect, and Excellence - and have been defined by students as follows:

UNITY: Commit – Connect – Communicate

“We support each other to become the best we can.”

  • Students engage with their peers and their teachers.
  • Students prioritise communication in order to reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings.
  • Students show a sense of team spirit in all they do, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Students support each other in their learning.
  • Students commit to tasks in school, both for their own personal benefit and for the common good.
  • Students develop a commitment to extra-curricular activities as well as those which take place during the school day.

RESPECT: Yourself – Your School – Your Community

“We show respect to other and the environment. We listen, cooperate and learn.”

  • Students are kind and polite to each other.
  • Students respect and encourage people’s drive for success in their learning opportunities.
  • Students consider the way in which they question decisions that affect them, and think about the right time to do this.
  • Students adhere to common gestures of courtesy around the school site.
  • Students respect the opinions and beliefs of others without judgement.

EXCELLENCE: Make. It. Matter

“We work to the best of our ability at all times. Don’t miss out – every second counts.”

  • Students make the most of the opportunities offered to them within their school life by arriving at lessons ready and equipped to learn.
  • Students take advantage of all the opportunities which school offers them.
  • Students display an attitude to learning within the classroom that promotes outstanding progress for themselves and their peers.
  • Students use their leadership skills to share opportunities and develop their lifelong learning skills.
  • Students look for opportunities to further their own learning independently at any given time.

Details of how we support students to behave appropriately are set out in 'Behaviour for Learning and Beyond'.  This document includes details of our rewards and sanctions and how we try to manage behaviour in and out of lessons so that students can be successful.

A change to our 'Bring Your Own Device' Strategy is provided as well as information about a new sanction: the Daily After School Detention (DASD).  We have also included FAQs for students relating to BYOD.